Chimney Caps & Tops

Chimney caps are the essential pieces that protect the flue below and form the last barrier between your chimney and the environment. These tops guard against inclement weather, debris, insects and animals as well as reducing errant sparks or embers. Chimney caps also help to streamline the flow of air through your chimney and reduce downdrafts that steal warm air or interfere with your heating system.

Our chimney caps are specially made to address a variety of potential problems and fit any chimney design. Each chimney topper utilizes top-quality alloys including copper and stainless steel that will endure elemental exposure without rusting or compromising your exterior. Our unique designs, fastenings and materials provide extra safety, coverage, durability and secure fitting often overlooked in other products.

We carry dozens of designs to assure every chimney receives a top-quality protective covering. Select a chimney cap or choose from complimentary parts to suit your chimney design and make an attractive crown to your home.