Chimney Dampers and Chimney Damper Caps

Chimney dampers fulfill a variety of essential needs of your fireplace and chimney. These simple but vital parts lie just above your fireplace or heating unit and form the first protective guard between your home and the outside.

When open, the chimney damper allows smoke and ash to escape upwards and, when closed, a proper damper seals the opening from drafts, debris, bugs and birds. Ill-fitted or poorly made dampers and damper caps can cause drafts in your home or prevent the fireplace from breathing appropriately. Our chimney caps are specially designed to fit the dimensions and materials of each chimney so the seal is tight and the function is smooth. Many popular models drastically reduce energy expenses from unwanted air flow while also providing complete, long-lasting coverage.

Each of our chimney dampers are available in a variety of sizes to fit many chimney designs. Choose from our most popular dampers and damper caps or select a customized option to fit your specific needs.