Fireplace Products and Chimney Housing

See our extensive collection of chimney parts and products to help easily maintain, clean and protect your chimney. Our collection of sealers, covers, cleaners and more gives you an arsenal of strong, effective products to eliminate hazardous creosote, fill cracks, repel moisture and create a tidy, attractive appearance.

Our chimney supply inventory offers simple solutions to your chimney challenges from the ash pit to the fireplace all the way up the flue. Easily fill cracks and junctures with our top-quality sealants to stop further damage from freezing and prevent soot buildup. These products are specially formulated to promote easy application, prevent moisture invasion and encourage proper air flow through the flue. Our ash dump coverings, smoke guards and cleaning products help make regular maintenance easy and keep fireplaces safe and enjoyable. For old, worn or mismatched chimneys, our red brick housings create an impeccable exterior without the added cost of extensive repairs or refurbishing.

Keep your chimney in top form, so you can enjoy every cozy night to the fullest. Select from our fireplace and chimney products to make repairs and cleaning quick and simple.