Chimney Liners and Pipes

Chimney liners and chimney pipes help preserve and protect your chimney as well as optimize air flow. Chimney liners provide a protective covering of the inside of the chimney flue to prevent possible clogs or structural damage. Chimney pipes are rounded and narrower to direct air flow from wood stoves, oil furnaces and other heating units.

A tight, seamless fit between junctures and secure installation is essential to maintain air flow and cleanliness in chimneys of any type. Our pipes and liners are manufactured from strong, resilient alloys and carefully welded so there are no places for soot to build. We carry every piece necessary to complete your chimney, retro fit an older design or restore the flue to complete working order.

Choose from a wide array of sizes, fittings and materials to find the exact pieces to outfit your chimney. For any questions on installation or repairs, our experts are always happy to help.