Do I NEED a Chimney Cap?

Do I Need a Chimney Cap?

A great debate amongst fireplace owners is whether or not you need a cap for your chimney. While a cap may seem like a minor detail in the grand scheme of your home, it actually has the ability to prevent your house from needing a lot of repairs down the road. The chimney cap is a small metal covering that protects the chimney from animals, precipitation, debris and much more.


Embers and sparks fly up the flue and are eliminated out of the chimney. However, some embers and gases stay well-lit and can cause severe damage to your roof or home if caught fire. A cap atop your chimney will prevent escape embers from burning your home down.


A chimney cap will also prevent moisture from deteriorating your chimney flue. During the wet winter and spring months where precipitation is heavy with snow and showers, moisture builds up inside the chimney, damaging the masonry and structure of the fireplace. The cost that it would take to cover these repairs would be suffocating and can be avoided with the simple installation of a chimney cap.


If you aren’t keen on birds and squirrels setting up camp in your living room, then you might want to invest in an inexpensive chimney cap. When your chimney is not covered, animals will build a nest in your chimney. It is an ideal space; comfortable, cozy and warm. These small woodland creatures can make their way into your home and can be quite the pests. Save yourself a headache and choose a simple cap design to keep the animals and worries away.


So the answer is yes, a chimney cap is essential to the safety of your home as well as the saving of your hard-earned dollars. To find a cap that suits your style and chimney, take a look at our selection here.

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