Chimney Brush Flat Wire 6" Round (CBFW6S)
This brush has the identical spindle construction as the round wire.

The brush filament is a flat, oil tempered wire, twisted in the spindle in an evenly spaced single spiral configuration.

  • CBFW12X12 Chimney Brush Flat Wire 12"X12" Square
  • CBFW12X16 Chimney Brush Flat Wire 12"X16" Rectangle
  • CBFW7X11 Chimney Brush Flat Wire 7"X11" Rectangle
  • CBFW7X7 Chimney Brush Flat Wire 7"X7" Square
  • CBFW8 Chimney Brush Flat Wire 8"
  • CBFW8X12 Chimney Brush Flat Wire 8"X12" Rectangle
  • CBFW8X8 Chimney Brush Flat Wire 8"X8" Square

PolyPro Brush 5" (CBP5)
This brush is designed for removing soot from fossil fuels. The 0.075" black polypropylene bristles are resistant to acids and salts contained in coal, oil and gas soot.

  • CBP5 Poly Brush 5"
  • CBP10 Poly Brush 10"
  • CBP6 Poly Brush 6"
  • CBP7 Poly Brush 7"
  • CBP8 Poly Brush 8"
  • CBP9 Poly Brush 9"

Round Wire Brush 5" (CBRW5)
This is a single spiral brush with a heavy duty spindle and nipple. The bristles are round, oil tempered wire.

  • CBRW10 Chimney Brush Round Wire 10"
  • CBRW11X11 Chimney Brush Round Wire 11"X11"
  • CBRW12X12 Chimney Brush Round Wire 12"X12"
  • CBRW6 Chimney Brush Round Wire 6"
  • CBRW7 Chimney Brush Round Wire 7"
  • CBRW7X11 Chimney Brush Round Wire 7"X11" Rectangle
  • CBRW7X7 Chimney Brush Round Wire 7"X7" Square
  • CBRW8 Chimney Brush Round Wire 8"
  • CBRW8X12 Chimney Brush Round Wire 8"X12" Rectangle
  • CBRW8X8 Chimney Brush Round Wire 8"X8" Square

Sweeps All Brush 8" (CBSA8)
This is a single spiral brush with a heavy duty spindle and nipple. The bristles are round, oil tempered wire.

  • CBSA8 Chimney Brush 8"
  • CBSA12 Chimney Brush 12"
  • CBSA16 Chimney Brush 16"

Proflex Chimney Poly Rod 3' X 7/8" (PCR3)
These polyrods are constructed to handle the sharpest bends and offsets in those hard to reach areas. They make sweeping easy!

  • PCR3 Proflex Chimney Rod 3' X 7/8
  • PCR5 Proflex Chimney Rod 5' X 7/8

Ferret Rod 5' (FERRETROD5)

  • FERRETROD3 3' Ferret Rod

Fiberglass Rod 6' (FGR6)
These 6' fiberglass rods are 440 diameter, 318 fitting. It is an economical alternative to the more popularly used polyrods.


Steel Rod 1' (ACC)

  1. PROK2 2 1/2 Tile Knocking/Steel Rods
  2. PROK5 5' Tile Knocking/Steel Rods



UBUSH Sweeping Tools (CS)
The U-Brush has stiff wire bristles, great for cleaning smoke chamber corners and upper ridges.

  • ACC-B Brass Adaptor
  • ACC-C Scraper
  • ACC-D Boring Tool
  • ACC-E Double Worm Screw
  • ACC-F Clearing Wheel
  • ACC-G Retrieving Tool
  • ACC-H Rotary Loop Wizard Kit
  • ACC-I Spider
  • ACC-J Glaze Remover Rokleeh Chain
  • CBL Long Handle Brush
  • RC Rod Caddy
  • TK4X4 Tile breaker 4 X 4
  • TKDBL Double Tile Breaker 4" X 4"

Chimscope (CS)
This multi-purpose viewer will allow you to see up into the chimney from the fireplace.


Do-All +Plus Furnace Cement Case (4) 1 Gallon (DAFCC)

Do-All +Plus Chimney Cement 1 Gallon (DAFC1)


Chamber Tech 2000 5 Gallon (CT2000)
This product is designed to repair the often neglected fireplace smoke chamber.Chamber-Tech 2000 can be parged or troweled on any smoke chamber to insulate and reduce heat conduction to combustible materials. Just 1 1/2" thickness of Chamber-Tech 2000 applied to all four walls will make the smoke chamber UL listed at zero-clearance to combustibles.This product also adds structural strength and shapes the smoke chamber for efficient flow of smoke and gases. This results in less creosote buildup and a smoke chamber that is easier to clean and maintain.


Latex Disposable Gloves Case (LDGC)



Metal Tape (MT)


Pipe Crimper (PC)


S/S Self Tapping Screws 100 Ct. (SB2C3001/2)


Soot Vacuum 6 Gallon (SV5G)


Soot Vacuum Bags

  • VBC 20 Bags/Case
  • VBPC Pack of 5 Bags

Winch  (WINCH)


S/S Chimney Paint Flat Black (BLKPAINT)


Rescue 911 Instant Leak Sealer

  • 911W Rescue 911 White
  • 911B Rescue 911 Black
  • 911S Rescue 911 Silver


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